MIDGET NATION - The Reality Show That Proves Midgets Are Actually People
VH1 reality show site available online at www.MidgetTossing.com

Please complete the following fax-in application completely. Incomplete entries will not be considered due legal reasons. (Questions change at random intervals based on applications received.) Please note you DON'T HAVE TO BE A MIDGET to participate in this show.

1. Legal Name:

2. Preferred Stage Name:

3. SAG Member? (select one)     YES   /   NO

4. Are you legally eligible for work in the Unites States as a citizen or resident alien?     YES   /   NO

5. Actual Age / Believable Age Range:

6. Current Profession:

7. Past professions that might super-qualify you for inclusion:

8. Special skills that make you the perfect candidate (juggling, bowling, dance, stage combat, adult entertainment, etc.)

9. List any previous film or television work you have, regardless of how small (no offense intended).






15. Link to your application video, and explanation (or explain importance of your faxed-over photograph).

16. List MySpace.com, Facebook.com, or personal websites.

206-215-9355 ATTENTION: "The Ted Smith"

Please complete using black ink (no pencils), write clearly, fax in along with a full-body photograph of yourself. Be sure to sign and date the application. Incomplete or fraudulent applications will not be considered. All submissions become the property of VH1, its affiliates, successors and/or assigns, in perpetuity, without restriction. Completing application does not in any way obligate applicant to participate or waive any future rights. All participants in recorded show will be remunerated in previously agreed upon means. Submission videos, photographs, profiles and other associated media and information become the property of VH1, its affiliates, successors and/or assigns without limitation heretofore, and may be used in promotional copy, advertisements, or any other purpose as allowed by state and federal laws.

Signing below waives any and all rights to liability and verifies acceptance of TOS and waiver. Matters include, but are not limited to, those incurred during filming, damages real, punitive, compensatory or imagined that may stem from involvement in, consideration of, or thoughts about Midget Nation, whether as a participant, rejected applicant or subsequent viewer, both real and fantastical, heretofore, in perpetuity.

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