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VH1 Reality Profile of Hopeful Contestant Amber Tandy

Name: Amber Tandy

Age: 22

Profession: Hostess

Special Skills: I'm the coolest, also I surf and do windsurfing. I skateboard a little and can almost do unicylce but I have to practice.

Aside from cars, counter tops, stairs, toilets and dating, what are the greatest obstacle you've faced because of your height? - I'm not actually that short, but I do hate that I can't open jars.

What is the most comically named pornographic film in which you've ever appeared? - I have never been in a pornographic film and I never will be. I did have a small part in an art neuvo film called Monster Balls n' Cocks where I played a forlorn milkmaid who couldn't afford panties. It was never released but I did date the producer for a while.

How do you feel about the term midget, as opposed to dwarf, little person or gnome? - I think dwarf is even more offensive than gnome and little person doesn't make any sense. I think the politically correct term is midget so I'm going to stick with that to be safe.

How would you sum up your dating and sex life? - I wouldn't even try to.

Video Description - Im the one in yellow and im the bestest of alls by a mile and a teat and u no its the whatwhat you wantwant, im hot. Love me and u will and u no it.

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