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VH1 Reality Profile of Hopeful Contestant Chocolate Drop

The Midget Dance :) - Funny blooper videos are here

Name: Chocolate Drop

Age: 33

Profession: Street performer

Special Skills: Balance, contortionism, gross out factor from my right flipper, lack of discretion.

How do you feel about the term "midget", as opposed to "dwarf", "little person" or "gnome"? - I don't care what you call me as long as you throw a bill in the hat.

Who is the greatest child actor you've looked up to in your little-person pursuit of fame? - That Simon Burch kid. He was really great.

Where is your precious God now? - I'm still spiritual but I don't got to church much. This isn't something God put on me know, its all a blessing kind of.

How did you first realize that midgets aren't animals? - When I found out that PETA protects animal rights but I had to spend my days doing stunts on the boardwalk to eat.

Video Description - I didn't even know this was being shot until after it was done and it was uploaded to the youtube. Lots of people do videos of me but this one got pretty big and I met a lot of people who were like Oh You're That Guy! afterwards.

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