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VH1 Reality Profile of Hopeful Contestant Intoxikaty

Name: Intoxikaty

Age: 27

Profession: Unemployed

Special Skills: This video was not authorized and got me in enough trouble. Luckily I got unemployment because being candid at a company function doesn't count as reasonable grounds for termination. Whatever, he's a dick and I was honest so fine.

Who is the greatest little person actor of all time? - I like Tom Cruise.

What do you hope to get out of this? (TV job, dating, get out of the house, enjoy the suffrage of exploitation, etc.) - I want to get back into corporate America and prove my merit as a person, even if it means stomping a midget into the mud.

How well do you endure extreme heat, extreme cold, dehydration and prolonged exposure to the elements? - I go hiking and kayaking without thermals so I think I'd kick ass at it.

How would you sum up your dating and sex life? - I've been pretty conservative, even though my video makes me look like a lush. I'd sum it up with the word "educational", probably because my first was my old biology teacher (no, I already graduated, so don't even think it.)

Video Description - This video was not taken with my permission but its been seen like 700,000 times on YouTube so I must be getting close to some award or something. Am I good am I the best am I smart? Maybe no but I make for great drama and i know cuz I been fired for it.

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