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VH1 Reality Profile of Hopeful Contestant Nadia

Name: Nadia

Age: 14

Profession: Factory worker, aspiring receptionist

Special Skills: I good with small parts details and making sure things are shipped to billed to right. I have always been on time to work and haven't taken sick day since I've been there. Also good at drawing and some cooking and can clean up behind others like if on the show there is a mess I can make it clean behind cast or people filming.

What parts of you are adult-size, or better than adult-size? - I think this is a midget question but you guys have to take us normies now so I'll just answer it. I'm small, not that small, but the only part of me that's full grown is my boobs, and they are engorged and awesome.

What things would you not be willing to do on the show? - I would never actually touch a midget but probably talk to one if I had to. thinking about it makes me vomit a little bit but I'm bullemic so it's no big deal.

What's the most morally reprehensible thing you'd be willing to do on the show? - I'd perform my graduate oration on the frontrunner if you want. You can't show it but you can show that it happened and I'll do it I swear. Show me a midget and I won't show you his offgobbled nutstick. Gone, isn't there, I ate it.

How do you react to people tripping out about, or tripping over you? - Sometimes at the mall the security guard trips out about me. he says I'm hot and buys me Cinnabons and we hang out in his car. He's nice and shows me pictures of his kids and says he can't see them until he's off the sex offender list but he trips out about me and how grown up I am and I love him sometimes but I can't say how much or he might get in trouble.

Video Description - See them panties, see that action, feel the love and maybe to a bit smell the excitimient. This is not the brother uploading, this is Nadia for real and if I come on your show I swear i'm gonna come on your show if you catch the downwind drift of my fruity fragrance, however rank and stankerous.

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