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VH1 Reality Profile of Hopeful Contestant Rachel

Name: Rachel

Age: 20

Profession: You no what I do

Special Skills: I did a year of flag, two years pep and almost made cheer tryout senior year. I've been doing nails since highschool but prolly going back to get nursing degree next years.

Who is the greatest little person hero in your life? - Michael J. Fox. I don't know what else he's been in but that episode of Scrubs was the best!

How many moresomes have you participated in? - None. I've done three ways but no moresomes. I'm a Christian and I wouldn't do that.

Where is your precious God now? - My God died the day my parents moved uncle Gary into the house. They knew what he was all about and even when I tried to say something they ignored me. That's where MY God is now, thanks a lot.

How do you feel about the term midget, as opposed to dwarf, little person or gnome? - I think midget is better because it makes more sense. Little person could mean a person thats little like my neice but midget means midget so its better.

Video Description - You can see i have the personality to bring it wicked to yur show so select whats the real best. I no you wont pick me but you shold because no better drama than me exists whattup.

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