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VH1 Reality Profile of Hopeful Contestant Rachelicious

Name: Rachelicious

Age: 15

Profession: Home maker

Special Skills: I have a baby at home and hopefully another one on the way so I have all kinds of skills from diapers and cleaning to taking care of my man (who will be thirty next month and thats super okay.) I hav mad skillz.

Would you consider breast augmentation prior to filming? - I might kill somebody if I had to if it means getting a free boob job so yes and bring it.

Do you now, or have you ever smelled like cabbage? - I've smelled like a lot of things (not like that all sexy) but never cabbage so STFu if your implying something.

What's the most morally reprehensible thing you'd be willing to do on the show? - If that means bad then whatever you want me to. Just put me on the show and I'll be the sex or drama or whatever queen you want.

What's the best thing about being small? - I have the ittiest bittiest teeniest tiniest hoo-hoo hole you've never seen, and you won't because I'm saving it for the special man, and he can be little too if he's cute.

Video Description - I've been viewed by like ten thosand youtubes so lets make fame and hook me up. I dont care who I have to cuddle up all over to make me this famous. also I tan so somewhere nice is best.

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