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Quotes about the new VH1 Reality Series Midget Nation
Quotes About the Show:

Here are just a few press clippings, to give you an idea what the press is already saying about our show, and the original version from Japan.

"Small persons show obvious to makes big entertainments." William Hu Beijing People's Weekly

"If {there was ever] a better [show on television], I can't [imagine what it might have] been." David Lee– Tokyo Sun Daily Times

"The very idea… is incredible, but more unbelievable is the notion… It's a great enough… show about little people… that it would become popular... Somebody… deserves a medal." David Jacobs, Council on Human Rights Activities
- ORIGINAL, UNEDITED QUOTE READS: "The very idea that someone would produce such garbage is incredible, but more unbelievable is the notion that people would watch it. It's a great enough tragedy that a show about little people suckers them into participation, but that it would become popular really blows me away. Somebody needs to step up to protect them and shut down shows like this and the person who does that deserves a medal." –David Jacobs, Council on Human Rights Activities

"From what I've seen of it, this is the most intriguing reality show to hit the US market since My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance" Manuel del Fuego, Glossy News.

"At first I was shocked and appalled, but I couldn't tear my eyes away. After a good five episodes or so I was on the edge of my seat cheering like hell for my favorite competitors. I don't know how big or small their organs are, but I'll tell you right now they've got more heart than anybody I know." Ted Masterson, AboutShanghai.com

"From beginning show was pretty good super blue jeans, but by climax I cried as much as had always laughed on top of good show. Now I have all faith dwarf people are real people too, usually." John Song, People's Daily (Korea)

"If I ever saw a funnier show about midgets, it had to a porno." Carlito Baringua, Puerto Rico Lifestyle Magazine

"They have small bodies, but enlarged hearts make for victory." Makoto Nagano, Ninja Warrior Champion

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