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Recap from Season One of Midget Nation in Japan
Season-One Recap

Although the American version of Midget Nation promises to be very different, and in many ways far superior to the original Japanese version. Here is a brief synopsis of what the show had to offer in its highly successful first season as it ran to international acclaim.

One small island off the coast of Japan was used so extensively for naval range practice it was deemed uninhabitable until 1996. Investors were reluctant to pour in the first yen until it could be proven safe. It was then that the greatest reality tv show was born....

Smallish Dragon: Banzai Warrior

This socially progressive show, bravely stepped up in spite of criticism and gave ten of the biggest little-people they could find, the chance to show they had more than meets the eye and personally conquer the island. Along with one of the greatest reality competition crews ever assembled in Japan (creators of Sasuke, aka Ninja Warrior, Kinniku Banzuke, aka Muscle Ranking, and Viking: The Ultimate Obstacle Course), they staged a reality competition the likes of which the world had never seen.

Who would win: Midget or Island?

Of course, by now we all know the answers and this show has become an international hit.

The Hot & Tiny Girls

Amanda - A clerk from Kanagawa prefecture, Amanda has trained for years to become a top athlete, and pound-for-pound, she knows she's got the best she needs to win this competition.

Joon - As a child, she aspired to become a model, but now she just wants to have respect and maybe meet a nice man in the banking sector to have a family.

Su-Li - One of the strongest competitors, Su-Li comes from a performance background, working both in traveling festivals, as well as in the comfort industry.

Becka - One of the few foreigners to compete in the competition, Becka knows her poor command of Japanese may be an obstacle, but her fierce spirit and passion for victory are likely to prevail.

Tari - The tallest of all competitors, Tari hails from Nagano, and has worked in security at Nakarita international in airport security since 1999. She takes no grief, and takes no names, as the fiercest female in her family.

The Wee & Fantastic Guys

David - An accomplished juggler, David has traveled more than 26-countries showing what he's made of. And although he may technically be made of less than other competitors by volume, he has the heart of a lion.

Cricket - The smallest member of his traveling troupe, and the smallest cast member of the show, Cricket faces competition with the same tenacity he faces physical shortcomings, and I do mean short. Lucky for him, his uncommon work ethic and strictly followed practice regime make him a formidable opponent in any facet of his life.

Thoreau - More of a lover than a fighter, Thoreau prides himself on always finding the right quotes to meet the moment, even if he's otherwise outmatched. This clever wee-person always brings flair, if not flame, to any match he attends.

Pee-Wee - The most charismatic and comical of all entertainers, Pee-Wee is famous for his television commercial enterprises. You might remember him from the Arigato Sake commercials as the little guy who pops up through the table with his trademark catch phrase, "That's Big Sake!"

Ax - A quiet midget who keeps mostly to himself, Ax has the widest array of skills with the fewest physical ailments. His expertise in wildlife survival, hunting, skinning and butchery make him the least likely to be eliminated by his teammates, no matter how much they may wish to do so.

Episode List:

Episode One - Meet the Minis - Season opener launches with introduction to competitors and story of survival from each of them. Come to learn about existing tension between Ax and Cricket, first challenge, elimination results to follow.

Episode Two - Showdown Lowest –Results from Episode-1, Cricket goes home with explanation. Island gets exploration and group challenges leads to clean water and food bonus. Tari tells embarrassing secret, many are surprised, some are not.

Episode Three - Get Over It, or Under - With island huts surviving storm, littles have chance to better know each other. Previous friends turn to enemies. Limbo elimination proves little people are not flexible like Jamaicans. Three "Evil Sidekicks" will be downgraded to "Porno Tokens".

Episode Four - Boys vs. Girls - Becka and David give it their all, but can they make it out of last week's casting into the Carnie class? Joon gives up crabbing on the coast in frustration, and final challenge has unexpected twist.

Episode Five - Pound for Pounding -– Last week's challenge victory has provided remaining dwarves with running electricity and laundry service, but will a drunken rampage lead to one being removed from the competition from a quick toss in the dryer's perma-press cycle?

Episode Six - Hidden Gone Sought - During extreme hiding game, some resort to trickery while others find their own places for discreet love, but cameras are all around. Wild animal not caught on island causes chaos and elimination round takes unexpected turn with emotions running wild.

Episode Seven - Gladiators Show Guts - You read it in the news, now watch it in your living room. Elimination round is Li'l Gladiator Challenge, but due to misestimation by producers, it was discovered that Bengal Tigers do not fear water as assumed. One will face serious injury, but will she be eliminated by peers or her mortal injuries?

Episode Eight - Down to Three - With Su-Li removed from the competition due to injury, the others set out on greatest challenge to discover mineral resource on the island. Great challenge pushes many to limits. Pee-Wee and Amanda foster further relationship.

Episode Nine - Micro Rebellion - With just three competitors remaining, contestants set unexpected ultimatum on show producers. Will this signal early end to show or will someone still remain to win 50,000 Yen grand prize?

Episode Ten - Season Finale - With just two remaining and no more council meetings, will this encounter between underdog Ax and fan favorite Tari surprise and delight, or leave fans angry. Without competition round, unexpected judge panel returns to decide fate of two final contestants and select final midget victor on the island.

NOTE: There were a number of public outcries that came as a result of the well known fatal accidents that occured during the production of the original show. It is important to note that those were due to poor planning, lack of foresight and general budgetary shortfalls. The American version will have significantly better planning, the oversight of a number of physical and mental health professionals, and always take into mind the safety of participants before anything else.

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