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Information about VH1 Reality Programming
Summary of United States Production (what to expect from the show):

This show will be based on the critically acclaimed, market-leading, and exceptionally successful Japanese reality television program "Smallish Dragon: Banzai Warrior", originally aired on Japanese television channel 4 (high-def on channel 137) based out of Okinawa, Japan. Although it is inspired by the original program, much like other American adaptations of Japanese media product, it will be quite different.

If you ever saw the original version of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, you understand how great these differences can be. The hit films "The Ring" and "The Grudge" were also based on hit Japanese films, but both brought their own unique American sensibilities to the product.

The Japanese version of Midget Nation (excerpts available online at www.MidgetTossing.com) was uncommonly savage, including brutal elements unpalatable to the western viewer. Our show will not take place on a remote island, but instead in an isolated rural area. Where their show included savage beasts such a Bengal Tigers, we would never consider such things, but we've chosen instead to include an undetermined number of boar, tapir, rhino, and a single sub-Saharan tiger.

But that doesn't mean that Midget Nation won't be jam-packed with excited twists, turns and an uncommon ounce of inter-competitor passion.

Over the course of our first season (eight to ten episodes) you'll meet all of our competitors, and form your own love-or-hate relationships with them. We've got the most experienced reality show producers and staff aboard to insure than every challenge, shortfall, kiss and interpersonal drama is captured and highlighted for the best possible enjoyment of the viewer.

Though there are those who will suggest that Midget Nation is a nation that should never be, we've chosen to take the higher moral ground as we insist that it's up to the midgets to determine what nation they can found.

Can midgets form their own nation? Can people of stature less than four-foot form their own civilized society? Can VH1 achieve new credibility in the Neilson rating while deflecting humanitarian complaints? Perhaps only this show can answer these questions, and perhaps you should be the judge by tuning in Wednesdays at 10:00pm (9:00 central) to find out.

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